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OFCCP to Publish Corporate Scheduling Announcement List in March

by | February 5, 2019

In March of 2019, OFCCP plans to provide a list of organizations that will begin affirmative action compliance evaluations during spring and summer of 2019. In the last number of years, these organizations would have received a Corporate Scheduling Announcement Letter (CSAL) that would have been mailed to the facility selected for review. Instead of mailing these notices to individual facilities, OFCCP intends to publish the list of facilities that will be undergoing compliance reviews on its website. OFCCP is referring to this list as a Corporate Scheduling Announcement List, which will also go by the acronym CSAL.

This action by OFCCP will require federal contractors and subcontractors to carefully monitor OFCCP’s website to determine whether they are on the new list of organizations that will ultimately be undergoing an affirmative action compliance evaluation. It resolves one problem that had been a concern to larger organizations, where a corporate headquarters would not necessarily be made aware that any of its subordinate facilities had received a notice of impending review.

Organizations that are on the Corporate Scheduling Announcement List should remember that these notices do NOT formally open a compliance review. Instead, they alert an organization to the fact that a compliance review will be occurring at some time in the future.

To read OFCCP’s bulletin about the Corporate Scheduling Announcement List, see

The Corporate Scheduling Announcement List when released can be found in OFCCP’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Library at